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Topaz is a gorgeous stone, most often naturally colorless is treated to give it exquisite colors including swiss blue, mystic fire, and pink. We have a wonderful collection of mystic and pink topaz currently in stock.


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Pink Topaz Gemstone

Pink Topaz 6x6mm Cushion

Pink Topaz 1.08ct Cushion
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Legend has it that the glittering yellow Topaz represents the sun god. This alluring gem stone was thought to have curative powers and was believed to change color in the presence of poisoned food or drink. The topaz birthstone is most favorable for those born in November and is said to protect them from bad luck. In its natural form, the Topaz gemstone is colorless, but when treated, changes into numerous other colors such as Swiss blue or pink. This gem stone looks gorgeous when paired with the metal gold and being delicate, like the diamond, is perfect for indoor events and parties.

Carry the warm energy of the sun with Topaz jewelry at Rio Gems

Jewelry can look awesome, especially when teamed up with colorful Topaz stones which are ideally suitable for all occasions. And some of the best can be located right here at Rio Gems! Our Topaz gemstone assortment includes Blue topaz, Mystic fire topaz, Pink topaz, White topaz and Yellow topaz. The Blue topaz, also known as Neptune’s Garden mystic blue topaz, is a popular blue of the mystic Topaz and the stones are available in a variety of cuts and sizes here. The mystic fire topaz is an exquisite gem stone that can add panache to any outfit. So, add a touch of spice to your ensemble with our exotic topaz collection! Purchase a pair of dazzling studs or pendants that are with us in classic rounds and modern butterfly shapes. Gift your loved one the simple yet elegant topaz gold ring and watch her face light up with joy. So, glitter and shine with a topaz 3 stone pendant or a topaz dangle earring and get energized with the stone that radiates like the sun!